Mathias Family – captured year after year

When a family shows me loyalty year after year, it warms my heart.  Yes, there are a zillion photographers in our area, but deveoping a lasting relationship and providing top quality images are what I strive for all my customers.

Meet Jessica and Jarod Mathias.

Jessica called me over 4 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter.  They had a little boy already but she wanted some family/maternity photos.  I have been shooting their images ever since.

So, what I’m posting about today is the change children make in just one year.  It’s a good thing to do family photos EVERY year – especially around this time of year when the air is cool and you can wear layers.

In 2013 we did an urban session (photo below) when Aubrey was only 3 years old and still a little shy.  We used True Blue, my 56 Chevy Truck as a prop because Jarod loves Classic vehicles.


These photos are fun, colorful and really showcase the love and tenderness these kids have for one another.  Not to mention the affection mom and dad have for each other.  I just love that.   And I love that Jessica isn’t afraid of bold colorful colors.

Now, fast forward one year to last week’s session – the kids are older, bigger and we still capture the same love, affection and family unit in a park setting with little use of props during a mini session.  Clients chose a more muted color scheme to offset the bright green scenery.  I love the attention to detail Jessica has – from the hair accessories, to the boots on Aubrey with the leopard trim.  These details make portraits so much more interesting.


I still have a few Fall Family sessions available – specifically on November 22 and November 29th.  If you are wanting priceless images, please call me at 918-704-4399.




Designing your portrait layout is easy…

A lot of thought and preparation goes into each and every session I shoot at Brenda Horan Photography.  When it comes to displaying your images, I can help you come up with something that will look great with your home decor.

For a bedroom, I like three 16×20 images side by side for a nice balanced look.


For a Chasie Lounge with a clean modern feel, I love the look of a clean ledge with a simple piece of art (in this case I show a curvy vase in a great color) next to a 20×30 canvas.


For a living space – above the couch it’s a nice option to use a grouping, with a 30×40 in the center, flanked by four 20×20 images. Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Couch

Above the baby’s changing table, how sweet is it to have a grouping of newborn images to remind you of how small they once were.


Above a dresser, we love another grouping.  We always tell our customers to keep the colors of the room in mind when selecting their color pallet for outfits – this works beautifully together.


A modern couch with a great family collage above it  always looks beautiful.Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Living

Your baby’s nursery will always make you smile as you walk into it when you have  your favorite newborn images above the crib – even at 3am!  Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-nursery

Or  you could choose to collage photos from different sessions during the year of BabyCAKES sessions and frame them similarly to keep it cohesive.


Using the colors in your room/furintiure to keep it all cohesive is important.  You wouldn’t want a neon orange outfit on a little girl and hang that in a room with burgundy walls and formal furniture.  Take everything you love into consideration.  I happen to love the color aqua – so I borrowed this classic car as a prop for my own wedding photos and I wore a aqua necklace (my something blue).  It works well in my house and in this display.



Stairs are typically the place where you have a lot of wall space, but don’t quite know what to do with it.  A black and white image collection works beautifully here because we don’t always have coordinating colors and want to display our very favorite images of our kids from year to year.  Keeping the line of images moving upward really is appealing visually.



If you need help selecting  your wardrobe for a session, I  send you my What2Wear guide.  This helps you to pull together cohesive looks without matching.


If you have any questions, or would like to book a family session, please contact me at



Senior Session with Claire

I have been taking Claire’s photos for about 6 years now – it’s so much fun to have watched her grow up into this beautiful young lady.

So let’s start with how well these outfits work for these locations:

We paired her dress with an old vintage cowboy hat of mine, and some of her jewelry mixed with some of my own Matocha Rock Luxe (you can find it here:



I love this serious face!!!


And I love how the sun is framing her here – just highlighting her hair beautifully.



I think she looks just like her mom in these close ups… something about her expression just makes me think of her mom.






Another beauiful serious fa ce… Oh to be wrinkle free and 18…



Change in locations and outfits – this RED shorts jumpsuit was perfect with her shoes and I love it paired with my vintage bike!






And since we wanted some fun, artsy shots, we got a little sun flare photo for her.



Back in the studio we shot a couple in a casual outfit – this really shows how beautiful her hair and makeup artist, Destry Davis, owner of Glamour Artz did.  (You can find Destry here:

IMG_0368 IMG_0389

All and all I love the vibe Claire brought to this session.  I hope she had fun galavanting around the river with me to capture some really cool images for her senior year.

If you have a High School student – please contact me to schedule your Senior Photo Session.

Brenda Horan



Newborn Goodness

Boy Oh Boy this baby was a bundle of sweet goodness!  She cooperated with us so well that we got lots of great shots of her – here are some of my favorites from the session.


Just look at those cheeks!


We love our baby beds from Turtle Pond Works!


I wish I could sleep like her – just so  chill.


Get a look at those lips!  I bet her mom kisses her a million times a day!


Perfect fingers, perfect toes.


I really love the light on this profile shot.


Fancy lace hot pants!


Aqua bonnet from NRB Designs.


Tassle Hat from Persnickety’s Knits


NRB Designs made this awesome hat and wrap in one of my favorite colors!

If you are expecting or know someone who is – please give them this link so they can see Brenda Horan Photography’s work.



Photographing my own daughter

When I have inspirational ideas I typically ask my own 16 year old daughter to be my “model” so I can try out new lighting techniques, editing techniques and locations on her before I drag a client to remote locations.

This location I came across while I was on a walk with my husband, behind our house just a few weeks ago and I am in love with it… all except the mud. :)  We took these images just before sun set and I’m kinda in love with them.Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8408

Thankfully for me, my husband was willing to drag this tree to the exact location I wanted to capture this image.

Halo by Stirlings Flowers


Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8279 Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8303


This Sunflare image was Bella’s idea…. I love the softness of it.  This will probably end up on a wall in my house.



This next location, well let’s just say it was interesting…. I absolutley love the graffiti slab, but we had to chase off a few kids smoking to have the slab to ourselves.  This is going to be one of my favorite GO TO locations for Senior Boys this year.


And this location was Bella’s idea.  There was  another photographer also in this area, and I’m sure they got a big laugh out of Bella and I tromping thru the thick to get here because she forgot her shoes (who leaves home without shoes?) and I had to piggy back her to this spot… we laughed so hard because we just knew we looked ridiculous.  Next time I shoot here, we are taking my husband’s jeep into the thick so I don’t have to worry about snakes!


If you have a teenager, or High School Senior, or just want really cool Engagement photos, call me – I’d love to be your photographer.

Brenda Horan

Brenda Horan Photography

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Bringing a creative edge to photography with 16 years of experience as a Photographer and  Studio Owner.


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Brenda Horan’s new studio

A few months ago I decided to close down my big 4000 sq. foot studio and simplify my life.  Turning 50 does that to you.  When my husband and I found this house, we knew it would be a perfect studio atmosphere, I mean, we back up to a little lake and the River and have a to die for view!!!  The preserve right behind my house is a private area for residents with a 1/2 mile jogging trail – so many perfect photo opportunities right outside my door! Yeah for me! river

So, I knew that I wanted most of the upstairs of this home to be dedicated studio space – the game room has wood floors and is spacious enough for our main shooting space, with a great big window that let’s in beautiful light.

IMG_7380 IMG_7387My husband attached 6″ velcro strips to the walls at the 8 foot mark to hang our double and triple wide drops so we can create sets (like our Santa set).  He also built me this platform and the backdrop roller system (directions to build your own on my etsy site:

This entire system really works fantastic for me -it’s easy to install backdrops and quick to change out our little sets when we are photographing babies or children.  Plus having it elevated means I can sit, not kneel.  Having it on wheels makes it easy to move about the studio.



We love our Organic Bloom frame of color!  Everyone loves the quality and colors of the original maker of the curvy frames.


IMG_7395When we moved out of the retail space, I took my sign down and my husband was nice enough to  take it apart so that I could hang the facade on my walls with out the bulky electrical box.  Repurposed dresser works great as a changing station and a stash for our knitted hats and wraps.

The next images are our props and wardrobe – when we moved out of the big space into a smaller space, we sold off about 1/2 of the stuff we had… keeping our very favorite items.


The attic (not shown) is right outside this door to the right – it holds our props that don’t have to be climate controlled, such as chairs, crates, and suitcases.

This walk in closet holds things we use a lot and our wardrobe.



We love having a selection of cute dresses and bloomers for girls – Matilda Jane if one of our favorites.


We also like having a nice little selection of things for boys .


We have so many pretty things for girls – that it’s hard for clients to choose.


These flet hats are crafted by Aprils Yarnables – super cute and well made!




We have a bedroom that is our boudoir space – it’s got repurposed,repainted furniture and a vintage vibe.  Just like our last studio, we can mix and match our furniture, backdrops and bedding to create a one of a kind space.  Right now it’s plain vanilla, but we have so many options, I could do a blog on just that alone.

Maybe I will.


Now on to my office and where I give image presentations to clients.   We repurposed and painted my husbands grandparents king size headboard, added glass knobs and viola – a perfect spot to hang my vintage cameras!


Three of my prized possessions – my Florabella Canvas print, my English Crib and my dog, Marty.  He’s chillin like always.


Our Organic Bloom frames are on display – two of my favorite shapes, Ricky and Ellie.



And this dresser (also my husband’s grandparents) is used to hold albums, mini accordians, cards, and all sorts of paper goods.


So moving into a home based studio might make people a little hesitant, but we still offer great service, great images and 48 hour turn around with our images.  We want to be your photographer – if you live in the Tulsa area, please contact me for your newborn, baby, children, high school senior, family or boudoir portraits.