Brenda Horan h-e-a-r-t-s Maternity Images

The expectant glow of a soon to be momma…. nothing beats it.  So last week I set out to take some stunning images with a little bohemian flair.

Using floral crowns made by Stirlings Flowers

And some beautiful maternity clothing I had just purchased to keep in my wardrobe closet, I was ready to create some timeless pieces for my client.

The first few with the pink backdrop I just love because I think it makes her  complexion sing.  Just the softness of the images is what I am drawn to.





The next series done with a bone background and yellow floral crown were intended to do outside in front of a huge low hanging white bud tree that was in full bloom near my house, then we had those tornado winds last week and heavy rain…. so the white buds were either gone or already turned green… not exactly what I had in mind.  So I shot these in the studio  and kept it simple…. focus on the momma and her belly.









For this image I threw in a few pieces of my Matocha Rock Luxe jewelry made by my talented niece Monica.   If you haven’t seen her hand crafted jewels – you must click on the link above to see her very cool line of jewelry.AI0A9391


For this last series, I wanted a little more drama so I put up one of my very favorite backdrops and added a few of my own pieces of jewelry I just got from Sarah Gage who sells Chloe and Isabel jewelry paired with my super lush floral crown from Stirling.   I think this looks very regal.







If you are expecting a newborn – please call me so we can schedule your maternity session.  Let’s celebrate the life that grown within you.  I have a wonderful hair and make up artist that will make you feel pampered and beautiful, and I’ll capture your glow with beautiful images.

Please call me.  918.704.4399


Newborn Photographer Brenda Horan’s latest newborn – Max

Max really lived up to his uber cool name.  He’s a 2 week old that weighed in at 6 pounds and  has perfect features.  I really loved all the photos from his session, but these were my very favorite ones.

Let’s start with this image featuring one of my newest hats from Ewe Baby    Nancy knits such cute things and is really easy to work with.  We collaborate on so many things and it’s fun to design something that can be used two ways…. this can be tied under chin for a bonnet look, or behind the neck for a beanie look.  GENIUS!

Backdrop and floor drop from Lemondrop Shop.   where I get all of my backdrops.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Max-1This next image shows the same hat as a beanie…. and this little bear came from my trip to NYC’s Eloise store in the Plaza.  That’s another blog all in itself!)

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-5


This little felt bear is also from Ewe Baby, Hat from Persnickety’s Knits who also knits beautiful, quality pieces  What I love about this image is his back peach fuzz…. and how his bottom lip curls inward.  These are little details that will finish quickly so I’m happy I captured them for his momma.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-2

This variation of the “frog pose” just makes me happy because every boy loves baseball and he’s just so sweet here with that pout.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-3

Traditional frog pose zoomed in tight to see all the little details of his face and all the wrinkles in his fingers and hands.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-4

This image will be hanging in my office – it’s just everything I hoped to capture when I ordered this jersey from  the Knitting Bitty and had my friend April make me this vintage football to just complete the look I was going for.

And I should add that this knit backdrop I got at Mood Fabrics when I traveled to NYC last month – it’s a cashmere blend and I am in love with the brown/grey color.
Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-6

This last image I love because it’s just beautifully lit, his little profile against his time hand, and the wispy bonnet ties laying across his back.  Sigh…..  Max can you come back every week?

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan -Max-7


If you are expecting, or know someone who is, please share this blog with them.  I have so many new items coming into the studio on a regular basis, and love my job.




Tulsa Baby Photographer loves chubby babies!

Oh My Goodness - you just can’t stop smiling when you look at this sweet, chubby baby.

Meet Emma Kate.  She is a 4 month old over achiever who not only gave me perfection during the session, but she can sit really, really well.  I am hoping that when she comes back for her 8 month photos, she isn’t already walking.  SLOW DOWN Emma Kate, you will be a teenager soon enough.

So, I’m starting out the blog with a image that just makes me super happy.

All backdrops on this blog post are from Lemondrop Shop

Headband by Maya’s Curls.  Check her out on Facebook.



Next up is Emma Kate wearing a darling romper by Matilda Jane

paired with a headband from The Pink Elephant Boutique

Capturing a little smile sure makes everyone in the studio sigh…..


Another fabulous headband by The Pink Elephant Bowtique.  One of my favorite headband vendors.  All her items sit well on the head, which is actually important.BHP_0269


I love my little baby beds from Turtle Pond Works – well made and super sturdy.

Headband by The Pink Elephant Bowtique.

BHP_0296This is another one of those AWESOME shots that when I download on my computer I give a little leap of joy….. Look at her beautiful complexion, her sweet smile,  her perfect hair bow from Stirling’s Flowers (check her out on Facebook).  Again, this bow sits perfectly on the head and is made from leather.  

another cute little nudie – which I just can’t get enough of.BHP_0328

Lastly, a photo of her in front of one of my newest big props – wearing a headband from Nancy at Ewe Baby   We did this set up especially for her grandma Denise.  xoxoBHP_0348I hope you enjoyed these little 4 month old baby photos as much as I did writing and posting about them.  I love babies and kids of all ages – and would love to be your photographer.  Please call me at 918-704-4399.

Tulsa Baby Photographer

Brenda Horan


Brenda Horan loves babies… it shows in her work.

Yes, I love babies.  I had two of my own who are now 22 and 17,  so having a “job” where I get to play and entertain babies for a living is so much fun.  Besides, who doesn’t love dressing up a baby in a cute outfit?

Today I wanted to write about my BabyCAKES program.  This is what I consider the BEST DEAL IN TULSA for having your baby photographed by a photographer with 16 years of experience, fantastic equipment, colorful backdrops and a big variety of props suited for little kids.  I even have a wardrobe closet in case you need a cute, little outfit for your baby or child up to abut 7 years old.

The BabyCAKES program is $475 and includes the newborn session, as well as 4, 8 and 12 month old sessions PLUS at the end of the year you receive a beautiful album compiled of your favorite images from each session.  It’s a value of over $1118 if purchased individually.  

Here is little Camilla, whom I photographed all year – we just celebrated her birthday with a Smash Cake Session…. she’s a living doll.  Curly black hair and blue eyes and a smile that melts you!  These are just a few of my very favorite images from each of her sessions.

BlogBoardBHPCamillaSee how much she changed during the first year?  Its just amazing to me.  

If you are expecting or know someone who is, please call me!  I would love to capture your baby in photos for you to remember how sweet and innocent they are with photos you will cherish.

To view more of my work, please visit my website at: or follow me on Facebook


Brenda Horan loves her little clients!

Okay everyone – here is one of the cutest little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing  from newborn to just last week at age three…  not only will you notice the cute clothes AND SHOES on her, but she has such a fun personality.

Photographing babies and kids is hard work – knowing how to get them to express different facial reactions requires me to sometimes make a fool of myself, but hey – it’s all for a good cause.   Having the right props is also key…. they like to be entertained!  Having a diverse array of backdrops is also important and I have the best drops!

Also in my arsenal of cuteness is a wardrobe closet filled with fun Matilda Jane clothes, hundreds of headbands and hats.

The WatchMeGrow program at Brenda Horan Photography is $275 for 3 studio sessions during the course of one year.  It’s a perfect way to capture the ever changing expressions your child has in colorful, fun filled images.  

Shown here is Davis from 4 months to 3 years…. such a precious time when they will giggle and pout in the span of a minute.


Picking favorite images from all these sessions was a difficult task as I am sure her parents thought so too… she is just EXPRESSIVE beyond belief and makes my job so much fun.

If you are looking for a photographer – please contact me by going on my website (link above) or sending me an email to  I would love to capture cuteness for you!


Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan – Baby’s first year program

Newborn photography is my passion – I mean here’s this little miracle from God, fresh and new, and I  have the privilege of capturing sweet, curled up photos for the parents to cherish for a lifetime.   If you are a parent, then you know that babies change so much during their first year of life.  With my BabyCAKES program, you can relax, knowing that I will capture these unique and fleeting moments for you with bright, colorful  images of your baby from newborn to 1 year.  At the end of the program, you get a free album of your favorite images, all compiled into a sweet Baby Book (value of $440).

Here is an example of a year in photos.

Newborn Session – their peach fuzz, wrinkles and baby chub.  Hat and wrap: NRB Designs:


Hat:  Aprils Yarnables months – they are developing a little personality and smiling.

Baby Bed:  Turtle Pond Works

Backdrops: Lemondropshop





At 8 months, they are steady sitters with curiosity.  They amuse me at this age!




Then at 12 months, they  have a full personality, are excited about their cake, and want to show their independence.

Bow Headband: Stirlings Flowers


Flower Headbands in next few photos: Pink Elephant Boutique

Cake:  Frostens



If you are expecting a baby, or know someone who is, please tell them about Brenda Horan Photography.  I would love to be  your photographer.

Brenda Horan