Brenda Horan loves babies… it shows in her work.

Yes, I love babies.  I had two of my own who are now 22 and 17,  so having a “job” where I get to play and entertain babies for a living is so much fun.  Besides, who doesn’t love dressing up a baby in a cute outfit?

Today I wanted to write about my BabyCAKES program.  This is what I consider the BEST DEAL IN TULSA for having your baby photographed by a photographer with 16 years of experience, fantastic equipment, colorful backdrops and a big variety of props suited for little kids.  I even have a wardrobe closet in case you need a cute, little outfit for your baby or child up to abut 7 years old.

The BabyCAKES program is $475 and includes the newborn session, as well as 4, 8 and 12 month old sessions PLUS at the end of the year you receive a beautiful album compiled of your favorite images from each session.  It’s a value of over $1118 if purchased individually.  

Here is little Camilla, whom I photographed all year – we just celebrated her birthday with a Smash Cake Session…. she’s a living doll.  Curly black hair and blue eyes and a smile that melts you!  These are just a few of my very favorite images from each of her sessions.

BlogBoardBHPCamillaSee how much she changed during the first year?  Its just amazing to me.  

If you are expecting or know someone who is, please call me!  I would love to capture your baby in photos for you to remember how sweet and innocent they are with photos you will cherish.

To view more of my work, please visit my website at: or follow me on Facebook


Brenda Horan loves her little clients!

Okay everyone – here is one of the cutest little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing  from newborn to just last week at age three…  not only will you notice the cute clothes AND SHOES on her, but she has such a fun personality.

Photographing babies and kids is hard work – knowing how to get them to express different facial reactions requires me to sometimes make a fool of myself, but hey – it’s all for a good cause.   Having the right props is also key…. they like to be entertained!  Having a diverse array of backdrops is also important and I have the best drops!

Also in my arsenal of cuteness is a wardrobe closet filled with fun Matilda Jane clothes, hundreds of headbands and hats.

The WatchMeGrow program at Brenda Horan Photography is $275 for 3 studio sessions during the course of one year.  It’s a perfect way to capture the ever changing expressions your child has in colorful, fun filled images.  

Shown here is Davis from 4 months to 3 years…. such a precious time when they will giggle and pout in the span of a minute.


Picking favorite images from all these sessions was a difficult task as I am sure her parents thought so too… she is just EXPRESSIVE beyond belief and makes my job so much fun.

If you are looking for a photographer – please contact me by going on my website (link above) or sending me an email to  I would love to capture cuteness for you!


Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan – Baby’s first year program

Newborn photography is my passion – I mean here’s this little miracle from God, fresh and new, and I  have the privilege of capturing sweet, curled up photos for the parents to cherish for a lifetime.   If you are a parent, then you know that babies change so much during their first year of life.  With my BabyCAKES program, you can relax, knowing that I will capture these unique and fleeting moments for you with bright, colorful  images of your baby from newborn to 1 year.  At the end of the program, you get a free album of your favorite images, all compiled into a sweet Baby Book (value of $440).

Here is an example of a year in photos.

Newborn Session – their peach fuzz, wrinkles and baby chub.  Hat and wrap: NRB Designs:


Hat:  Aprils Yarnables months – they are developing a little personality and smiling.

Baby Bed:  Turtle Pond Works

Backdrops: Lemondropshop





At 8 months, they are steady sitters with curiosity.  They amuse me at this age!




Then at 12 months, they  have a full personality, are excited about their cake, and want to show their independence.

Bow Headband: Stirlings Flowers


Flower Headbands in next few photos: Pink Elephant Boutique

Cake:  Frostens



If you are expecting a baby, or know someone who is, please tell them about Brenda Horan Photography.  I would love to be  your photographer.

Brenda Horan




Campbell baby arrives!

I’ve been waiting for almost four years for this baby to arrive.  Vanessa has been my assistant for about four years and together with her husband, I knew they would have the cutest baby ever.   So, as you can imagine, I have been planning this session in my head, collecting all the cutest little boy and little girl props I could find, because they weren’t  going to find out what they were having until the actual birth….  I have two baby girls coming in tomorrow and they are going to get to wear SO many cute girl outfits since – you guessed it – George is a BOY!

Meet George.  Wearing adorable little knitted overall from Ewe Baby.



Now since George’s daddy, Collin, is a Patriot fan, I ordered this knitted baby jersey from The Knitting Bitty  and the felted football from April’s Yarnables  They both make such darling things.


Now – let’s talk about Georges massive amounts of hair, and those FAT cheeks!!!   Well he did weigh well over 8 pounds at birth!


Here are some of my favorite images from his session.


If you would like to share this blog on your FB wall, I would love for you to paste the actual link on FB.  It’s a pleasure for me to be a newborn photographer, a lot of preparation, patience and experience is needed and I absolutely love doing it.   Doing it for Vanessa and Collin, whom I love, made it all the more special.

Please visit   MAIN site to see more baby images.


Tulsa’s Newborn Photographer – Brenda Horan

If you are expecting – now is the time to book your newborn session.  I typically take newborns on Tuesday and Thusday mornings at 10am when the light is beautiful in my studio and perfect for natural light images.  Once your baby arrives, the session date can be adjusted to make sure we photograph your baby between 7 and 14 days old.  Even up to 21 days old is okay.   Hiring an experienced photographer is very important.  It’s like a wedding – you only get one opportunity to capture these sweet, curled up images so do not  take the chance that it won’t be done safely and in a manner that produces quality images.   Typically you will be able to view your images in 48 hours and order the very next week!

I work closely with women who knit and sew to provide the cutest, softest newborn props, hats and headbands that will embelish your images.  Every attention to detail is made to ensure you get the best possible images of your baby.

Here are a few examples of recent images.

This grey and navy stripe hat is by the talented Nicole owner of Persnickety’s knits 


Don’t you just love the crinkles in his little arms and back… this baby was ever so tiny and what a good sleeper.


Felted bear by Ewe Baby  http://ewebaby.bigcartel.comBP7A5454

Another super soft knitted item from Persnickety’s.BP7A5464



This pair of pants my sister sewed me from one of my old sweaters and a bit of leather for the pockets …. look for more custom items to come from us teaming up to make cute newborn posing clothes.


A detailed shot of the cute little leather pockets.  The quilt I found at a vintage shop, then cut it to fit these tiny baby beds made by Turtle Pond Works

BP7A5531If you are looking for a newborn photographer, please call me.  9187044399.  I would love to speak with you about how I can make your newborn images everything you want.  My collection of props, outfits, accessories is always being rotated so I have fresh items coming in all the time.    I have been in business for 16 years and strive to give you a piece of my heart in every image.

– Brenda


It’s all about LOVE – Valentines Mini Review

I’ve finally had time to sit down, compile my very favorite shots of each child from my Valentine Mini Session last month.  WOW so many a adorable kids!

Before we start – I want to  thank Stephanie Eckman of The Party Darling – she created all of these darling little details for me.   And of course, I should thank my husband Kip, for building my little kissing booth.

So, we’ll start with Emmett – he’s been  coming to me for a long time – he’s a very good listener, and such a happy kid.  Last year we did photos at his Papa’s farm on  tractors.  I absolutely love being his photographer and getting to see him a few times a year.  His 3rd birthday is coming up and we will be taking his 3 year photos someplace really fun.



Next up are two darling, photogenic sisters.  Abby has been coming to see me since she was a newborn.  She used to be really, really shy, but the past few years she has turned into a super model. Her hair is to die for… and so are her eyes!



Her little sister Caroline is equally as pretty and photogenic – I’ve been her photographer since she was a newborn too.   Caroline’s photo shows the scope of the little Valentine Set.  Every attention to detail is made when we create these fun, colorful sets for kids.  The backdrop is by LemondropStop ( ).  And you can see all the fun little details The Party Darling brought to make this so cute.


This is the first year I’ve taken photos of this little girl, Addie.  She had such a fun time, her parents signed her up for the Easter Mini Sessions coming in March.  (SOLD OUT).  I just loved her laugh and her dress!!!




Up next is our littlest Valentine, Marin who is 8 months old.   Even though her daddy is a dentist, I am SURE she will love candy.


Her brother, Declan, was more interested in the candy than my camera.  He’s a little shy, but I’m sure he will turn out just like his older two sisters, who are naturals in front of my camera now.


So, this is Davis – she’s another happy-go-lucky kid who I’ve been photographing since she was a newborn.  She just became a big sister, so next year you will see her with her new baby brother.  Davis is one of the most polite  little girls I have ever met and she has the best personality.  I loved how her eyes lit up when she saw the set – you could tell she was excited.




Up next are three of the four Gallagher kids – all super polite kids, they love to smile, and these are genuinely happy kids.  BP7A5930


Future heart breaker….


This outfit was also PERFECT for this set….      BP7A5960


This was Addie’s first time in my studio, but I know she will be back. Her grandma brought her in, and you know how Grandma’s love to spoil their grandkids!!!



So here’s  two of the Sutterfield kids – both I have been photographing since birth.  Little Zayley, well she’s just going to be a handful I can tell.  She has a great personality, even at age one!BP7A6050

Her brother, Landon, (I call him Lan Man) is super special to me.  When I moved out of my studio, I gave him my fire truck, because his daddy is a fire fighter and he always loved  sitting in it when he came to my studio.  Landon says the sweetest things to me too.  He will make a good husband one day.BP7A6072


Next up, The Cox children – here are the first three and there’s a new baby on the way (YEAH!).  Coco is the oldest.  She used to be my neighbor and she would walk down the street with her dad and come knock on my door and ask me about my day.  She’s now 6 and very sweet.




Hendrix is her little brother – he is very sweet too, I remember how chubby he was as a baby.  He’s starting to loose that little boy look and it actually makes me sad to see!  BP7A6129

The third child is Capri – who is a good listener at  such a young age.  She actually would sit still so I could capture photos of her  doing what I asked her to do.



Karter has been in my studio since she was about two.  I have a special place in my heart for Karter – she always hugs me when she sees me, and her parents have taught her to be polite to a fault.  She is incredibly smart and athletic.  I think she runs a mile 2x faster than I do!  Here she is holding one of the cakes from Frostens.


And her outfit also works great with our set…. so cute!



Well there you have it – lots of cute photos, a fun, colorful set, and so many cute kids!

If you would like to become one of my customers please call me.  I would love to be your photographer.

Brenda Horan